Ultimate Fenrir Tattoo Collection – 30 Fenrir Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meanings

Ultimate Fenrir Tattoo Collection – 30 Fenrir Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meanings

Fenrir Tattoo is one of the most famous Norse tattoos. This mythological creature is loved by many. Fenrir is also known as the beast of Ragnarok. If you are a fan of Norse mythology or thinking of getting a Fenrir tattoo then you will love our Fenrir tattoo collection below.

Meanings Behind Fenrir Tattoo

Fenrir is certainly one of the most dreaded creatures of Norse mythology. Fenrir possessed a great strength. The fear prompted by the Beast not only reached all the moral beings of Midgard but also sent chills down the spine of the Gods in Asgard. Gods’ fear for Fenrir was so great that they raised him within the stronghold of Asgard in order to keep him under control.

It is very important to know the story of Fenrir to understand the meanings of Fenrir tattoos. Fenrir tattoo designs actually tells these stories.

Wolves are common predators in the Nordic countries and they were greatly feared and respected. In Scandinavian myths the wolves represented the forces of evil and Fenrir embodied all of this evilness and also known as the enemy of the gods.

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Fenrir was the offspring of Loki with the Giantess Angrboða. Fenrir was created for one purpose only and that was to ruin the gods of Asgard.

Odin knew what the beast could bring onto them in the future and took him to Asgard where he was constantly supervised as a cub. The goddesses of Asgard fell in love with the beast and could not stop petting it but Fenrir was growing and his malignant and violent character started to surface. The wolf began to hate the gods particularly Odin.

Fenrir’s growth alarmed the gods and soon they decided to move him from Asgard but they knew if they allowed him to roam free, Fenrir would cause devastation across the nine worlds, so they attempted to bind him in Chains. The gods knew that Fenrir would never willingly consent to be put in Chains, so they convinced Fenrir that the chains were just a test of his strength. They would clap and cheer every time he broke free of a new chain.

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Fenrir continued to accept the challenges as he wished to show the gods his strength and earn their respect. The gods soon realized that that no chains they craft could hold Fenrir. They seek aid from the dwarves who were the most skilled craftsmen in all of the nine worlds to form a chain that could hold Fenrir. Fenrir suspected the trickery and refused to be bound. During the process of binding Fenrir with the new chain, Tyr (One of the Gods) had to sacrifice his right hand. Then Fenrir was taken to a desolate place and tied to a giant boulder with a sword placed in between his jaws to keep them open.

Fenrir could not stay in prison forever; he grew in size day after day and was destined to fight against the gods. During the Ragnarok Fenrir broke free from his chains and fought against the gods alongside the forces led by Loki. With his lower jaw against the ground and upper jaw in the sky Fenrir devoured everything in his path.

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The Beast fulfilled the mission that was given to it at its birth and swallowed the Odin the ruler of Asgard and finished his reign. Later Fenrir was killed by one of Odin’s sons Vader who broke the jaw of the monster splitting it in two and thus the story of the wolf Fenrir came to an end.

Fenrir Tattoo Designs

Fenrir Tattoo on Thigh

Fenrir eating the Sun

Fenrir in a battle with the Gods

Fenrir and Loki

Fenrir Tattoo on Forearm

Tribal Fenrir Tattoo on Shoulder

Growling Fenrir

Fenrir Tattoo on chest

Fenrir chewing the hand of Tyr

Fenrir tattoo full back

Fenrir in chains chewing Tyr’s hand

Fenrir tattoo on the upper arm

Fenrir breaking the chains

Fenrir Tattoo Black and white

Fenrir and his sons Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson

Fenrir tribal design

Fenrir eating the sun

Fenrir Tattoo on Forearm

Fenrir tattoo on Calf

Fenrir tattoo Blackwork

Fenrir with sword in his jaws 

Fenrir Tattoo design with Skulls

Fenrir Tattoo Full Sleeve

Fenrir Tattoo Sleeve

Scary Fenrir Tattoo on Arm

Fenrir breaking free

Fenrir on arm

Fenrir with Japanese waves

Fenrir on Shin

Fenrir tattoo with bright colors

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