How to choose a tattoo without regrets?

how to choose a tattoo

The tattoo is an element of expression that is also used as a beauty accessory.
The decision to get a tattoo will be conditioned by many external factors such as feelings or memories.
In today’s post, we want to offer you a guide for you to decide to get a tattoo without regretting it later.
As you know, tattoo ink is permanent and is hard to remove, although there are methods such as laser treatment that can be used to remove a tattoo.
However, the idea is that once you have the tattoo, you will not regret it and feel happy to wear it.

how to choose a tattoo

Choose a tattoo that identifies you

Most people are influenced by fashion when they are choosing their tattoo design.
Also, some people decide to get a tattoo in honor of a loved one who has passed away.
These tattoos are the so-called grief tattoos or memorial tattoos, as we have told you about in one of our previous articles.
Anyway, a tattoo is a design that you will have forever on your skin and that will be a sign of your identity.
A tattoo shows your personality and individuality, that’s why you should choose it well.

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Choose a tattoo that you love and that is not just a fashion statement

There are many tattoo design ideas as you can see on our Tattoo Designs Live website.
The important thing is that you don’t just go by fashion, choose a design that you love and want to show off.
Nowadays it is becoming more common to see celebrities wearing a tattoo on the red carpet.
Personalities like Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, or Beckham, show off tattoos on their skin as part of the accessories they wear.

Answer these questions before you get a tattoo

  • Are you sure you want to get a tattoo?

Before jumping into the first tattoo shop, think about if you want to get a tattoo on your skin.
In case of doubt, the best thing to do is try it first by getting a semi-permanent tattoo that will fade by itself after a while.

  • What motivates you to have a tattoo design on your skin that you won’t be able to erase later?
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Think about if the thing that inspires you to get a tattoo is a motivation that will last in time, in other words, that is a decision you won’t regret.
Life changes and the way we think too, that’s why you must feel identified with that design.
The meaning of that design will define you forever, it will be part of your identity.
You can draw with a pen or an eye pencil on your skin the design you want and, in the area where you want it so you can see what it will look like.

  • Are you doing it for yourself or fashion?

It’s fine if you want to follow fashion but research the meaning of the tattoo design you want, so you can find out if you identify with it and if it defines your personality.

  • Where do you want to get a tattoo and why?

The location of the drawing is very important, and it is a very personal decision.
Some people prefer to get a tattoo in a place that is not visible to the public to keep it private.
Some prefer to get a tattoo in a visible place so that everyone can see it.
It is necessary to remember that depending on the area where you get the tattoo you will feel more or less pain.

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Most importantly, if you are afraid of needles and your pain tolerance is very low, you should not get a tattoo.

how to choose a tattoo

Choosing a tattoo is a big decision

If you regret getting a tattoo, you should know that you can remove it from your skin with laser treatment, but your skin will never be the same again.
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By Mónica Chacín, SEO Copywriting specialist and author of a book of reflections and poetry known as “Serendipia de sueños” 

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