Have you ever dreamed about getting a tattoo? – Find out what it means!

dream about getting a tattoo

Dreams are a universal human experience that can be described as a state of consciousness characterized by sensory, cognitive, and emotional events during sleep.
Human beings dream about different things and discovering the meaning of dreams has always been a subject with many questions, still unresolved.

The most common dreams are dreaming of engagement rings, dreaming about numbers, dreaming about dead people, dreaming of a friend or someone you like, or dreams about getting a tattoo.
In today’s post, we will tell you what it means to dream of getting a tattoo so you can decode the message.

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dream about getting a tattoo

The meaning of the dreams

All people dream and some animals too, such as dogs.
Yes, it is a curious world.
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Anyway, we are here to talk about human beings’ dreams, and, especially, the message that dreaming about getting a tattoo brings us.
First, you must know that dreams are interpretations made by our brain of the reality we live in our day-to-day life, including our unconscious world.

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Everything that happens to us daily leaves an imprint on us, a scene that becomes a memory.
If you dream of getting a tattoo, it could mean that your character is a bit impulsive.

Also dreaming that you have the tattoo artist in front of you and he starts to make the design you wanted, and everything turns out spectacular, could show your hidden desire to be successful in your class, in your school, or at work.

dream about getting a tattoo

Dream answers are found in our unconscious mind

One of the people who has studied the unconscious world has been the psychologist Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939), an Austrian physician considered the creator of psychoanalysis.

For Freud, the unconscious “is an instance of our psyche (a concept that encompasses all conscious and unconscious mental processes carried out by a person) that is behind what we do, say or wish”.

No one can assure you that you are having a dream for a certain reason since it can be seen from many different points of view.
So, if you have seen anywhere a tattoo that has captivated you, or you are thinking of getting one, surely this is the origin of your mysterious dream.

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Because as you may have guessed, dreams have their origin in our desires and passions, to the point that the unconscious uses them as a transmission belt.

dream about getting a tattoo

What does it mean to dream about tattoos?

Depending on the type of dream will be the meaning.
To decipher the message of your dream, try to remember the position, the design, and the person who appears in that dream so you can find the best interpretation.

1. If you dream that you are getting a tattoo, it means that your subconscious is expressing the desire to carry out new projects.

2. If you dream that you have a tattoo on your body, it may be due to the desire to be different from the rest and distinguish yourself from the herd.

dream about getting a tattoo

3. If the tattoo in your dream had a lot of blood on it, it means that some memory of your past times still haunts you and torments you.

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4. If you dream of a tattoo falling to the ground as if it were an object outside your body, it may be due to a strong argument with your parents or with your friends.

5. If a person you do not know appears in your dream and is wearing it on the right arm, it means that you are having problems at work that are difficult to solve.

6. If, on the other hand, this unknown person wears the tattoo on the left arm, it is an omen of great changes in the short/medium term.

7. If you dreamt that you were the one getting a tattoo, your subconscious is expressing its desire to change your life.

dream about getting a tattoo

8. If the tattoo can be perceived clearly, the dream foretells a change in the right direction.

9. If animals appear in the drawing, it means disappointment with the attitude of a close friend.

10. If instead, you have tattooed the name of a person, it is a sign of the great importance that he has in your life, your relationship with him has deep roots in the depths of your feelings.

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11. If you dream that you repeatedly kiss the tattoo, it means that an impressive and very good change will come to your life.

12. To dream of wanting to erase the tattoo, especially if it exists, may express unhappiness about the current situation in your life.

13. A dream in which someone appears tattooed from head to toe may express the need to have a more open mind to express everything you think and feel.

14. If you dream that you are looking at someone while they are getting tattooed, it means that you give great importance to your work.

dream about getting a tattoo

15. A dream in which you appear completely tattooed indicates that work is of vital importance in your life.

16. If in your dream you are a tattoo artist, it means that you like to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Remember that dream interpretation is not an exact science, so the meaning of dreaming about tattoos can have different messages that depend on different factors.

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