The best astrology tattoo designs of 2022 and their meaning

When we have decided to get a tattoo, the first thing we think about is the design.
If you are sure you want to get a tattoo and you know you will not regret it, it is time to think about the design you want to wear for the rest of your life on your skin.
Anyway, if you are not sure about this decision, it is better that you read our recommendations so you can choose a tattoo without regrets.
In today’s post, we are going to show you the best astrology tattoo designs of 2022 and their meaning.
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Do you know what astrology is?

Astrology is the study of the position and movements of the stars and their influence on people and events in the world.
The main predictive method of astrology is the horoscope.
It is said that zodiac signs influence humans and animals.
Before we show you the best astral tattoo ideas we have found, remember that, after getting tattooed, you must take care of your new tattoo properly if you don’t want to have any problems.
You will avoid suffering the possible problems caused by tattoos, such as fungus and possible infections.
Bad care of the tattoo can damage it and spoil the design.

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The best astrology tattoo designs of 2022 and their meaning

Tattoos with astral symbology

1. Constellation tattoos

Constellation tattoos are at the top of the list of minimalist tattoos that are trending again in 2022.
Perhaps because of their minimalism or their magic, tattoos with astral symbology, such as symbols of constellations, the zodiac, planets, or moons, are the most sought after and the most successful ones on Instagram.
Constellation tattoos are like a small montage, where dots and lines (always in an odd shape), and small stars are combined.
Those who seek inspiration about astral tattoos also seek to mark on their skin the place where they come from: their constellation, their zodiac sign and even to be accompanied for life by a transition of moon phases or the entire cosmos.
Many of these ideas are mini-sized tattoos, small (those that no one will know you’re wearing) and are also especially attractive because they are characterized by the elegance of the simple stroke and continuous lines.
They are perfect for those who want to get a small, simple, and discreet tattoo. They are usually tattooed in black and white.
By including a small star in our tattoo, we will be including an inspiring message.
A star is a light that guides you through the night, the one that illuminates the path of travelers, and the one that grants you wishes, such as shooting stars.
And we’ll tell you something else: being mostly straight lines, without filler, they hurt less!

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The best astrology tattoo designs of 2022 and their meaning

2. Planets tattoo

If you are an astronomy lover surely have in mind to get a tattoo of your favorite planet.
Some people decide to get planets tattoos because of the astrological meaning behind the planets of the solar system.
The meanings of each of the planets are attributed to the Roman and Greek gods.

Mercury symbolizes commerce and communication.
It has intellectual power and knows how to communicate ideas. He is committed to learning and knowing about many aspects, he is interested in understanding the world.

Venus is the representation of love and beauty.
It also symbolizes harmony. Sexuality and impulses are also part of its characteristics. Tastes in fashion, personal image, beauty, and art.

Earth represents femininity and origin. It symbolizes consciousness and objectivity.

Mars symbolizes war and competition. Its capacities of decision, competitive spirit, bad character, or its taste for adventure and risk.

Jupiter is characterized by sociability, one of its strong points. It cares more for others than for itself. Jupiter is fond of long trips, contacts with foreign countries, interest in culture, and optimism for life.

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Saturn is related to willpower, constancy, responsibility, mental concentration, and maturity.

Uranus is closely linked to originality and creation. Independence, intuition, desire for freedom, rebelliousness, and eagerness for the new and the original.

Neptune is closely linked to inspiration. It represents dreams, constant illusion, spiritual, idealistic, importance given to religion, capacity for sacrifice, sensitivity to problems.

The best astrology tattoo designs of 2022 and their meaning

3. Sun and moon tattoos

One of the tattoos that most people choose are moon or sun tattoos.
Artistically it is a design that can offer many possibilities for tattooing.
The moon is a celestial symbol, of protection, it represents the emotional nature of the individual, it symbolizes the child that we all carry inside, our past, and what we are nowadays. It also represents the mother.
The sun represents the father and is extremely powerful. Always worshiped by all mankind, feared by others. Some interpret it as a symbol of fertility, authority, royalty.

The best astrology tattoo designs of 2022 and their meaning

An inspiring tattoo designs

I hope that after reading this post you can find a tattoo design that inspires you and with which you identify yourself.

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We invite you to discover all the other tattoo design options we offer you on our Tattoos Desings Live website.

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