7 Amazing Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Your New Tattoo

7 Amazing Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Your New Tattoo
For the health-conscious and natural/organic product lovers amongst you, we’ve put together an infographic showing you all of the reasons why coconut oil could turn out to be your perfect tattoo aftercare balm.

Over the years, many people have written about the near-endless uses for coconut oil; from using it as a coffee creamer to combing it through hair to improve scalp health. However, one often-missed use for this versatile oil is incorporating it into your tattoo aftercare routine as a soothing lotion with great healing properties.

Take a look below to see why 100% natural, organic and vegan-friendly coconut oil could be the best tattoo healing product for you and your new ink.


Benefits of Using Coconut Oil On New Tattoos:

1) Completely Natural

Coconut oil is completely natural, meaning that it is 100% organic and vegan-friendly. This also means there is very little risk of causing ink fading, or irritation on a sensitive area of skin such as a new tattoo.

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2) Heals & Repairs

​Proteins found within coconuts help to repair the skin cells that get damaged during the tattooing process – boosting healing quality, and also the speed in which your tattooed skin will actually regenerate.

3) Moisturizes

The medium-chain fatty acids found within the flesh of coconuts helps your skin to retain moisture – this in-turn helps to prevent your tattooed skin from drying out and cracking (potentially causing blemishes and patchy areas within the ink).

4) Versatile

Coconut oil has many other uses such as: makeup remover, skin exfoliator, general body moisturizer, lip gloss, hair conditioner and much more.​

5) Accessible

Coconut oil is freely available from most supermarkets and health stores worldwide, meaning that you’ll never need to worry about running out.​

6) Cruelty Free

Natural coconut oil will never contain any ​elements or traces of animal products, and will never be associated with animal testing.

7) Protects

Acrylic and laurie fatty acids contained within coconuts act as disinfectants, helping to protect your new tattoo against germs and bacteria (and therefore many nasty infections).​

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