The 4 most popular tattoo trends of Hollywood Celebrities in 2022

Why do Hollywood celebrities get tattoos and why do they choose the design they want to get?
Some celebrities choose quite flashy tattoos and others prefer to choose a small tattoo in a secret place.
What does this choice depend on? And why do celebrity tattoos become a trend?
In today’s post, you will see the most popular tattoos that Hollywood celebrities have chosen to have on their skin.
Original, different, and beautiful.
Read on so you can discover them.

Just like celebrities’ clothes, their tattoos are also becoming a trend

Celebrities are often a topic of conversation at any social event.
It is common at a gathering or party to hear attendees talking about celebrity-related topics.
For example, the latest dress an actress wore to the Oscar Awards gala, the hairstyle she sported, or the new tattoo she wore.
Yes, tattoos just like clothes also become trendy.
Also, people at social gatherings often talk about what celebrities eat or what their pets are.
The life of celebrities interests many people.

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Tattoos have become a trend, especially Hollywood celebrity tattoos

The most popular actors and actresses are getting tattoos to wear on their skin as an accessory.
Small tattoos with inspirational writings in discreet places such as the neck, fingers, or behind the ear.
Also somewhere on the back or the ankles.

Discreet tattoos are trendy because they are elegant

1. The tattoo on Katty Perry’s finger

The singer Katy Perry got a tattoo of a very important moment for her.
It was when she performed at the Superbowl. It was the 49th edition, that’s why she wrote that number in Roman numerals on her ring finger.
Katy Perry likes small and discreet tattoos, that’s why in 2011 she also got a tattoo of a smiling mint on her right ankle.

The 4 most popular tattoo trends of Hollywood Celebrities in 2022

2. Sofia Richie’s tattoo on her neck

Sofia has a discreet and beautiful tattoo on her neck with the word BIRD, which was her father’s nickname for her.
The design is made with the same calligraphy as her father.
An adorable and very tender tribute in honor of her father.

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The 4 most popular tattoo trends of Hollywood Celebrities in 2022

Spiritual tattoos are a trend in 2022

Mandala, chakra, tree of life, or lotus flower tattoos have become a trend among Hollywood celebrities.

3. David Beckham and his Christian-themed tattoos

The soccer star, David Beckham, has numerous tattoos on his body and many of them were inspired by divinity.
Angels, cherubs, virgins, biblical passages, and even Jesus Christ himself nailed to the cross on his back, are part of these many tattoos, all of them in an elegant and sober black and grey style.

The 4 most popular tattoo trends of Hollywood Celebrities in 2022

4. Justin Bieber’s Christian tattoo

Justin Bieber has been in the news for getting a discreet tattoo on his side with the name Jesus in Hebrew.
He also has a cross in the center of his chest.

The 4 most popular tattoo trends of Hollywood Celebrities in 2022

Choose your tattoo without regrets

Maybe you’ve been wanting to see all the Hollywood celebrity tattoos to get ideas about what your next tattoo will be.
Whichever way it goes, remember to choose a design not just because it’s trendy and worn by the most famous people.
If you want to choose a tattoo without having to regret it later, we recommend you read:
How to choose a Tattoo without regrets
Some celebrities have more than 50 tattoos, if you want to know more about this topic, check out all the articles we have at Tattoos Designs Live.

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