101 Most Romantic and Sweetest Ring Tattoos for Couples

ring tattoos

People have different ways of expressing themselves. While others do it through their clothes and fashion, others are more expressive with written words. And then there are also the ones who are very expressive and is comfortable with saying what they feel. However, some people are into art and use tattoos as a way to tell others about themselves. For example, ring tattoos could show their loyalty to their partners.

Speaking of ring tattoos, this has become quite a famous tattoo design these days. It’s more common among couples who are tattoo enthusiasts. However, some single people also have it. Most of the time it has become a symbol of loyalty and love. But it also became a symbol of self-love for single people. Sometimes, it also becomes a way of honoring a dead loved one.

If you are thinking of getting ring tattoos, this article will tackle some popular designs and their meanings. These can hopefully inspire your ink design or maybe get that same exact tattoo.

ring tattoos

Meaning of Ring Tattoos

Couples often get ring tattoos as a sign of their loyalty and devotion. It’s basically like a wedding band or even a promise ring – just a little more powerful if you think about it. Why? Well, you can’t really take off a ring tattoo. There are only a few ways to remove a tattoo as well so it’s usually out of the options.

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This could also be the very reason why you shouldn’t get tattoos, especially a special one like a couple tattoo.

However, some people also get ring tattoos even if they do not have partners. Usually, these types of tattoos have a deeper meaning for the wearer. It could be a symbol of their love for themselves. It’s not really pride or narcissism. There are lots of people who struggle with loving themselves and confidence issues. A tattoo could help them remember that they should always take care of themselves.

Apart from that, it could also be a kind of honoring a loved one who has passed away. You could get a ring tattoo of their name or their initials.

ring tattoos

Brief History of Ring Tattoos

The exchange of wedding rings has been a long part of wedding tradition. In fact, it can be dated back to the Ancient Egyptian times. As with today, the rings are a symbol of devotion, commitment, and love. Wedding rings can be made from various materials but most common are gold and silver.

Nowadays, more couple are opting to get ring tattoos as a sign of their love for each other. Of course they still have their actual wedding bands with them but a tattoo takes it further.

It is a sign of everlasting love – something that lasts a lifetime given that tattoo are permanent. That’s why couples who are getting it are more or less entirely sure they want to spend the rest of their lives with their partners.

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ring tattoos

Getting a Ring Tattoo – The Experience

Before getting a ring or any finger tattoo at that, you’ll need to know a few things. The first and probably most important one is the experience.

We all know that getting a tattoo is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Some people have higher pain tolerance, which makes it easier for them to get tattoos. They might feel a little sting on areas that really hurt. Sure, they may also feel gnawing pain at the most sensitive parts of the body. But usually, they can go through it in just one sitting.

Those who have low pain tolerance are a different story. They shouldn’t really get tattoos on areas that are known to be extremely painful. If they want, they can get tattoos on some other part of the body first such as the sleeves or the back. This can help them get used to the pain of getting a tattoo.

Now, with all of those said, are finger tattoos painful?

Sad to say, yes these are really painful. The hands, especially the fingers, are one of the areas of the body that are known to be more sensitive to tattoo pain. This is because the area has less fat, taut skin, and extremely close to the bones. You might feel a vibrating sort of pain when the tattoo needle gets close to the bones.

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If you really want a ring tattoo or a finger tattoo, it’s best to mentally and physically prepare yourself.

ring tattoos

How long does Ring Tattoos last?

Finger tattoos are said to be the ones that can quickly fade away. But as we all know, tattoos are permanent. While they fade, they would still remain.

So, what do we say about fading?

As time passes by, the ink will be less striking and bold as it used to be. Black ink would look a little gray or sometimes a little light blue. The colors would lose their vividness. It may also look like the ink has bled a little as the years go by.

Apparently, finger tattoos could slowly lose their boldness after 6 months or a year. This depends on how much you use your hands.

The frequent washing and using of your hands and fingers are the main reason why the tattoo would fade away easily.

To avoid it quickly fading, you should really work on your aftercare. From the moment you got it to the last moments of your life, you’ll want to take care of your tattoo. Basically, you’ll want to avoid using products with too much chemicals. You’ll event want to avoid alcohol based products during the healing period. If you go out, don’t forget to put sunscreen on your tattoo as the sun is also a factor that makes it look faded easily.

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ring tattoos

Popular Ring Tattoos

If you are looking for some designs for your ring tattoos, here’s what we’ve compiled as the most popular ones. We’ve taken a look at the internet for the designs and decided that these ones were the designs that usually popped up.

Here are the most popular ring tattoos that can inspire your next ink:

Infinity sign

What else could be a great symbol of eternal love than the sign of infinity? This isn’t really a “ring” in terms of both ends meeting the other in an endless loop. However, it can be inked on the ring finger. When you look at it, it would look like the design of a real ring.

Of course, you can also create a design with multiple infinity signs going around the finger.

ring tattoos


There’s this unspoken law about getting the name of a person (your girlfriend/boyfriend) as a tattoo. But what about your spouse? You have vowed to be each other’s only partner for the rest of your lives, so getting their name as a tattoo could work, right?

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Well, that really depends on you. But then again, just be reminded that tattoos last a lifetime. You won’t want something on you that you’ll regret in the future.

If you’re not a fan of that idea, then maybe getting your partner’s initials on your ring finger would work. You’ll see the letter and will instantly think about them. One famous celebrity to have this type of tattoo is basketball star Stephen Curry. He has the initial of his wife’s name on his ring finger.

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Celtic knots

Just like the infinity sign, Celtic knots have been known to be a great symbol for love. That is because the symbol has no start and no end, making it symbolize eternity. It’s also a good design for ring tattoos given its simplicity and its ability to actually look like a ring. You can have it around the finger for that extra “ring” effect.

ring tattoos

Straight line

Some couples opt for the more simpler option: a straight line. It’s really just a straight line that goes around the finger. It is said to represent the wedding ring itself, which in turn is the symbol of matrimony and everlasting love.

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Others do make it a little more festive with a couple of lines to make it look like a wedding ring. If you want, you can also recreate your actual wedding band. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken it off for a little while, your ring and your marriage’s symbol will always be a part of you.

King and Queen crowns

This one is another design that doesn’t really go around the finger. Still, it’s one of the most popular and often paired with the initials of the wearers.

The king and queen crown is pretty much a way of saying that the other person is the most influential person in your life. You value, respect, and even fear them. It’s also a way of saying “You’re the king/queen of my life.”

ring tattoos


Lastly, what could be the best way to symbolize love than the symbol of love itself? Many choose to put hearts on their ring tattoos. Sometimes it’s the main piece or the accent while sometimes, it’s more of a decor.

Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty popular element.

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