100+ Cool Tattoo Designs For Your Ankles

100+ Cool Tattoo Designs For Your Ankles

Ankle tattoos are one of the most common tattoos on legs. They are of great interest both in men and women, but in recent years the dominant carriers of these tattoos started to be girls and women.

Sisters’  Love

The love between loved ones can be expressed in multiple ways. These twin ankle tattoos are a perfect choice.

Yellow Flower Ankle Tattoos

Females love flowers. A good tattoo on any part of the body should be a flower.

Heart Formation

A combination of these well-done flowers goes on to form the heart, a sign of love.

Rose Flower Ankle Tattoos

Nothing goes well with your ankle like a perfect red rose. Its features are utmost conspicuous.

Helm Tattoo


This image is a ship and boat steer wheel. It makes for outstanding ankle tattoos for guys.

Red Wing Dragonfly

If you have a love for water bodies; then this makes for a perfect water reminder.

Flower Bunch


Flower sometimes are a reminder of the good moments we share with loved ones.

Candle On Holder


The moments we share with loved ones are many. Sometimes that candle-lit dinner is the one thing you do not forget.

Dark Bird Feather


Even at adulthood, the feather stands out as one of man’s favorite bird part.

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Stars and Red Flower Stream



Sometimes just one flower and star are never enough an expression.

Hook, ship,key and bluebird



These are the expressions of something hooked, carried and locked in someone’s heart that needs to be revealed.

Polynesian Pattern


This artful feet cover makes for the best part of a love for men’s ankle tattoos.

Tattoos on legs today may be found a little less than other tattoos, because the legs, especially in males, are rarely exhibited to the public. However, women made the tattoo on feet an integral part of the great art of tattooing.

Very often, the legs of women are paraded, so they managed to make these tattoos the kind of their jewelry.

Unicorn Anime

Lady tattoos with a unicorn are a powerful symbol of divine presence or purity.

Classic Feathered Axe

This axe with feathered string is a typical depiction of the native American axe.

Sickle Axe

This axe is a native sickle for light plant cuts; men are known to use it in their traditional forest endeavors.

Multi-colored Litmus


This image makes for a perfect representation of the test of life; each part of life exhibits a particular color.

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Hands Love Sign

Hands held downwards together give birth to a perfect love sign, the heart.

Plain Red Rose Ankle Tattoos

This rose flower image is a depiction of a subtly done flower image.

Among other areas, suitable for a tattoo, it is necessary to allocate the ankle area.

Pink and Blue Flower



This huge double colored flower is an outstanding choice for that right ankle.

Purple flower tattoo


This twin color tattoos will good on a mother and a daughter or a sister to sister relationship.

Large flower


If you are looking to disguise something in your ankle, this tattoo symbol can do it for you.

Jumping Cat

Cats are one of the most popular pets. Their images can also be used to make a perfect tattoo for your ankle.

Tattoo basically is a little noticeable. So, they aren’t attention-getting, rather practical.

Freed Indeed

An illusion between two leaves shows a far land, a place to run for freedom.

It illustrates a good taste, even in relation to the tattoo. Ankle tattoos represent really beautiful attire for the attractive female legs.

Pink Bow Tie


Not only is a bow tie good for the neck, but you can also have an amazing ankle tattoo with this wardrobe addition.

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Single Leg Rose Flower


Rose ankle tattoos look amazing for that one choice of a leg.

Unicorn Anime

With this symbol, you can tell yourself that you are not far from the feeling of luck.

This kind of tattoo can emphasize on the strong sides of your body, especially if you are not a lucky owner of an attractive figure.

Horse Emergence

A horse is one of the ancient times main form of transport. It has always been seen as a sign of freedom from bondage and trouble.

Snake-like flower ankle tattoos


The tendrils of this flower give a serpent touch to the image from afar.

They are also comfortable in the way that you can hide them under your everyday clothes and represent it only when you want.

Wavy Snail Pattern



This small ankle tattoo is easy and will take the artist the least time possible to do it.

Ankle tattoos aren’t subjected to the age changes, as well as changes in the weight of the owner.

Wrap around ankle tattoos black and plain

This symbol and inverted versions make a perfect coiled design around your ankles.

Helm and hook

If you love the waters, then these features always make your days, the start, stop and the park.

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Parents Love

Everybody loves their parent; their names on both limbs can be a way of expressing your love for them.

Vertical Arrows

Sometimes we do not have to be concrete; a simple upwards direction sign is enough.

Scary Rose Ankle Tattoos


If you are the scary and monster lover type, then a skull with makes for a perfect tattoo.

Carnivore Skull

The love for wild animals and a need for a souvenir for your shelf could also be done using such animal skulls.

Ankle tattoo gives you the opportunity to develop your sketch, for example, to a shin or foot.

     Green bud



The color of nature flower is often a perfect choice for flower color.

Relatively low price. As ankle tattoos are of small size they usually do not require significant costs.

Blue Wings Butterflies



These small ankle tattoos of butterflies are an accurate depiction of art and nature’s beauty.

How Painful Are Ankle Tattoos?

Tattooing on this part of the body is an example of averaging, and the painful feelings here depend exclusively on the “characteristics of the patient”. This is not a fleshy part of people’s body so the tattoo process may cause several uncomfortable feelings.

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Multi- Anime

A childhood with good moments can be represented in the best anime images of your time.

Yellow Anther Flowers



Yellow anthers are a representation of happiness, with the color one can think of good friendship, success, and pride.

Considering the fact, that the bearers of ankle tattoos are primary girls and women it is obvious that their skin is thinner and more susceptible to pain. That’s why it can be some blood when tattooing. But as these tattoos are small, the process isn’t durable.

Meaning of Ankle Tattoos

An elegant tattoo on the ankle has very high popularity among girls, due to their visual appeal and the possibility to place accents on one of the most attractive body parts.

Polynesian Ankle Tattoos

If you love patterns, even more, complex ones, then Polynesian patterns are the way to go.

Thigh to Ankle Polynesian

Expressing yourself in a bigger way would mean having to do large pattern tattoos on limbs.

Spider and Web

Spider and web images are realistic but beautiful; they are a good depiction of men’s ankle tattoos.

Zodiac King

Zodiacs are believed to bring luck, a zodiac symbol like this is a depiction of royalty and power.

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Double Pendant

Pendants go well with your neck, as ankle tattoos, they appear prettier and more pronounced.

Polynesian Wrap Around Ankles Tattoos

With the attention, an artist has to put to this tattoo design and the pain one goes through, this image makes for a good sign of commitment.

Flower Ankle Tattoos

Flowers are good tattoo ideas for any ankle size; both ankle variations will look good with the drawing.

Men’s tattoos on the ankle are much less common. However, the old style lovers popularize this place on the body for men as well.

Ankle Wolf Writing

Wolves are hugely admired men’s animal taste; anything related to them can be a perfect idea of a tattoo to use.

Phoenix Rebirth Symbols

A combination of multiple Phoenix symbols makes for a perfect tattoo design.

Ancient Men’s Ankle

A love for ancient stories could mean the need to choose ancient drawings over contemporary choices.

Inverted Phoenix

This image is a representation of a mythical bird’s symbol, the Phoenix.


A human with long canines is one scary being that makes for a perfect male’s tattoo choice.

Dark Ankle Flower

A black but dull flower disguises his ankle.

Well-clad Rat Anime


This image on your ankle might be a representation of your favorite TV anime show.

If we talk about men’s versions of ankle tattoos, we will see that the sketches of them mostly represent some letters or bracelets.

Women’s Ankle Tattoos And Their Meaning

The list of pictures that can be most often found on the ankle of modern girls is represented here:

  • wings – a symbol of divine beauty, integrity and purity of the female image;

Grey Bird Wing


With this symbol, one feels they might be flying.

Large Cloudy Feather


This image is a representation of what might be a strong flying creature.

  • sun – a sign, which is always positive; it means a bright soul of its owner, his or her energy and wisdom. It is thought that this tattoo brings a good luck in all the endeavors;

Sun- small Ankle Tattoos



A combination of regular shapes and flower icons result to perfect small sun image.

  • birds are mostly the symbols of spiritual aspiration to higher spheres and perfect things;

Blue-Green Hummingbird

Swallow-tail bird

Birds with these tails are a symbol of good flying abilities.

Loon Bird In Water

If you had given up on your old dreams, then this loon bird symbol will keep reminding you that not all is lost.

  • fabulous fairies are a symbol of eternal youth, freedom and unearthly beauty; it is also a desire to preserve the children’s perception of the world, imagination, awe and wonder;

Butterfly Girl

This image depicts a butterfly-winged girl flying towards its favorite flower kind.

Butterfly-Winged Bee

Small ankle tattoos of this nature are a depiction of the miracles art can do.

Fairy Flying Woman


This image is a perfect mystical tattoo idea for females.

  • hearts of different kinds. Heart is a symbol of love and romance, the embodiment of all living power and vitality of a person. The courage, friendship, love, unity, sometimes pain and suffering – are also embodied in this ancient and popular picture;

Isla Heart and Tree Tattoo



This image of a heart gives a tree illusion and someone’s name; it could have been a moment shared with that person under the tree.

Twin Phoenix Symbols

A love for mystical Phoenix birds is enough to have you have its symbols on your ankles.

Flower Disguise

Flower tattoos are a good option of hiding a conspicuous surgery mark on your ankle.

Key and Lock Tattoo

Wrap around ankle tattoos like this one on one leg looks grande and good with your boots.

Small Sun Ankle Tattoos

Using the same symbols for tattoos would be a sign of love for each other or love for the same things.

Ankle Bracelet


Wrap around ankle tattoos like this one is a depiction of a favorite foot jewel you do not wish to wear around.

  • star or scattering of stars. This picture carries the idea of the sky, prosperity, and good luck, it is believed that the stars give inspiration for its bearer;

Small Star Tattoos

With these stars on your ankle, you remind yourself of the results of luck that await you.




You can use star alongside a name initial for your ankles.

  • dolphins in different variations. This is a talisman that brings good luck. It is also a symbol of the desire for freedom, faith in goodness, unintentional joy, and willingness to help;

Dolphin and The Flowers



This is an imagination of a dolphin porpoising off the flower.

  • realistic or fantasy butterfly. Butterfly became one of the most famous traditionally female symbols, embodying all the gentle and positive feminine qualities;

Twin Butterflies

Butterfly Depiction



This subtly done image will not make sense if you do not pay attention; it does look like a butterfly though.

Blue Butterfly



This butterfly appears to fly off her ankle.

  • notes hints at an unusually creative and unique nature of the carrier indicate the excellent talent and originality.

Clef Symbols



If you are the musical type, small clef symbols are a way of expressing yourself musically.

Notes Composition


You can only get the music once the notes are put together.

The other popular ankle tattoos are:

  • zodiac signs;

Libra, Leo, Aries



These small ankle tattoos are a representation of months of birth with representation depicting trailblazers and intellects.



This is a symbol representing strong-willed persons; it is a sign that you are willing to beyond lengths to get what you want.

Cancer Zodiac


The six, nine are a depiction of an intuitive, sentimental and sensitive personality.

Deathly Hallows

Chinese Peace Symbol



With Chinese signs,, you can never go wrong with their element of brevity.

Letting Love Find A Way



These wordings are a simple depiction of fate as a result of love.

Create Yourself


These ankle tattoos serve as a good source of motivation and refreshment.

  • bracelet tattoos, which covers the entire circumference of the ankle.

Graffiti Wrap Around Ankle Tattoos

  • Source

    In case you are looking for a tattoo that goes well your ankle bracelet, this might be your best choice.

L-Ankle Wrist

If you are looking for an ankle bracelet with your name on it, then it would be closer to this one.

Red Pendant

Pendants come in different colors, red ones look amazing.

Beaded Ankle-lace



Wrap around ankle tattoos of this nature is a good classical style.

Peculiarities of after-care

If you take care of your ankle after tattooing it, protect it from dust, dirt, high temperatures as in baths or solarium and close contact with wool and synthetics. The rehabilitation of this part of the body carries mostly well.

Multiple Ankle Flower Tattoos


If you love flowers then have them on both of your ankles is a good call.

Tiger Lily

This good looking lily makes for a perfect ankle symbol choice.

Curled Polynesian

There are multiple Polynesian patterns to choose from, this one with curled edges is a good choice.

Ankle Eye Symbol

The eye is a beautiful body part, having an image of it on any paired body part will still look amazing.

Wrap Around Ankle-lace

Having jewel on our ankles looks elegant, a jewelry tattoo on ankle will look gorgeous.

To make thigh tattoos in autumn or spring is better. You can wear appropriate shoes to eliminate attrition, as well as it will be easier to protect the tattoo from dust.

Dream Catcher For  Ankle


This image is a depiction of traditional dream catchers.

Saturn In The Night

The solar system is an amazing creation, Saturn is unique for the ring and a perfect ankle tattoo.

Musical Tortoises

If you were a fan of the ninja turtles, then these tattoos will make for a lasting memory.

Castle In The Hills

This image is a depiction of royal or past places of residence.

Celebrities’ Ankle Tattoos

Eiza González has two blossom flowers tattoos on her left ankle one in red ink and one in black ink and the initial “g”.


Heather Locklear has a heart rose flower design tattoo with the name “Finch” located on her right ankle. 



Hilary Duff has tattoos on both feet: an anchor on her left ankle and “Let It Be” on the side of her right foot. 

Scarlett Johansson has two interlocking circles tattooed on her right ankle. 



Alyssa Milano has a floral vine tattoo wrapping around her right ankle. 



Best sketch of Ankle tattoos

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